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  Factory Production Optimization

B&F is intendedattended to support small factories’ fast growth as well as to provide the efficient supply chain management to customers. These factories will benefit from the alliance with B & F to become qualified manufacturers in the process of supply chain management.
The manufactural condition causes some concern while China become the world factory.-While China becomes the world factory, the manufactrual condition in its factories still causes much concern.

Quality concern
Factories intend to count on the inspection of the finished products but not on the quality control for the total manufacturing process from materials sourcing and procurement to products delivery. This disregard causes a high rate of defective products which in turn harms the supply chain and results in waste.

Poor Operating Procedure
Each manufacturing line is supposed to be connected with a standard operating procedure. Lack of characteristic design in accordance with its products’ features and in-time adjustment for its inefficient operating procedure will reduce the efficiency by increasing the average man-hours thus delaying in its TOD (time of delivery).

Diversion of capital
Factories often bear the pressure of capital diversion both in materials and products. This diversion severely affects the cash flow and results in waste.
B&F has over ten years ’ experience in the manufactrual industry especially in the management of factories. Its expertise and professionalization in internationalized management will provide optimization management strategies to its partner factories-definitely a value-added service to both purchasers and suppliers included:
    * Inspection and optimization of operating system
    * Inspection and optimization of quality control
    * Inspection and solid optimization of production process
    * Pull Production and Just In Time
    * Inventory management
    * HR management
    * Training for employees
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