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  Supplier Qualifying

For the multinationals, it’s quite difficult to select a qualified supplier across the country with the non-transparent and ambigious information, in this sense, B&F is quite a help and plays an important role in selecting and identifying suppliers for them.

Facing also the problem of  non- transparent information about the suppliers ,however B&F can locate quickly the mighty supplying area of certain products and can also get the basic information of the suppliers through more effective ways.

Meanwhile ,B&F had established a complete assessment system to assess the suppliers integrally. B&F assessment about the supplier includes:
  *  identify operating qualification
  *  indentify financial safety
  *  quality management system identify
  *  production equipment and productivity identify
  *  identify the awareness and action of environmental protection
  *  ability of research and development identify 
  *  communication ability and information technology identify
  *  lawsuit blot identify
  *  social responsibility and occupational health and safety identify
Except for the assessment before the first cooperation we also put stress on real-time
review during the cooperation thus to found a complete system of selection, assessment, and
Besides, B&F has been doing purchasing in hardware manufacture, Solar products, textile for years and has formed an integrative database of supplier info in those industries.










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