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  Quality Assurance and Inspection

Under traditional purchasing model, we measure the product quality through the result of finished products inspection.  So, under this model, the only thing we could do is to pick out unqualified products however, we can not reduce the quantity of the unqualified products. While returning the unqualified ones definitely wastes a lot of human and material resource.

In the purchasing practice, B&F pays more attention on products quality  T.o provide our client with qualified products on time ,B & F makes great efforts on the following aspects:

   * Experienced professional team on quality control.
   * Help the enterprises to establish complete and scientific quality control management system.
   * Quality control plan before producing and quality control plan in process.
   * Outsourcing  production for suppliers and approval system for processors
   * Inspection on the raw material from the supplier and being purchasing agent
   * Inspection on the real time and dynamic producing process
   * Knowledge about product structure before producing and reasonable craftwork design
   * Inspection on finished products packing.



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