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  Custom Clearance
With over 10 years’ practice in the second largest port of the world-Shanghai and assistance of branches in other important ports in China, B & F, with rich professional knowledge and practical experience of customs affairs, benefiting greatly  from the friendly relations with the local government, has built a highly efficient and widely covered customs clearance platform, providing full range of services including order management, picking up cargo abroad, importing and exporting customs clearance, commodity inspection declaration, transportation monitoring, and etc.
We also provide value-added services as following to meet the demands of the customers:
> Making documents for international trade
> Importing and exporting licenses
> Insurance
> Tax prepaid
B&F advantages
> Fast and accurate HS code classification
> Fast response to the on-the-spot custom inspection, helping customers eliminate troubles with customs.
> Fast custom clearance: 1 working day for non-tax items, 2 working days for taxed items
> B&F is authorized by AQSIQ to declare commodity inspection (only 70 licenses authorized in Shanghai)
> Custom pre-declaration and clearance before the cargo arrives, making possible picking up at dock, will reduce big amount of ports fee.
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