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  Assistance in Product Developing

Products research and development is vital to keep the enterprise competitive .In traditional multinational purchasing, buyers usually provide product sample and drawings, which supplier copy mechanically. This traditionalmode only employs the buyer’s ability of developing products,while totally ignoring that of supplier’s and the outsourced agent’s.

In fact, many supplies in China have ability of doing research and are equipped with higher productivity to produce advanced products but this has not attracted special attention of the buyer.

Meanwhile, most of the time, suppliers concentrate only on production and have no interest in developing new products. Gradually, supplier’s ability of developing and researching dies away and can not be promoted ffectively.Consequently, products purchased from them will fail to meet the requirements of the market.

In those purchasing practice  B&F has attended, B&F has brought developing capacities of  both supplier and purchaser into full play In addition, B&F has developed its own capacity of developing new products in hardware manufacture, solar products and textile. Thus B&F can provide its customers with value-added service-The buyer can not only get spiration, nice suggestion and cooperation from B&F in new product development but also can  shorten the development cycle, reduce the cost on products development thus to improve their competitive power.

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