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  Producing Flow Optimization

Let’s get close to one typicalsmall and medium-sized productive enterprise.

*Its Operators, monitors, supervisors, even director would rarely make deep analysis about the production flow and production technology (More seriously, they may have no idea about that scientific technology at all), they have only vague ideas. They even do not have detailed plan about the production  schedule .They always say “more or less”,“impossible”,“I’m sorry”as reasons of unfinished tasks.

* The factory director may only assign the tasks instead of doing analysis and research about how to coach their employees to operate efficiently. Their minds often follow their actions. They simply fail to do right things with right ways. One meter’s fabric should have made out four sleeves but finally come out only with three.

* With dim consciousness of quality and seeking for output blindly,they usually do not have analysis meeting before producing. Every time when problems come out they always act as “firefighters”. Not to mention their low efficient work- even the problems can’t get their solution! 

* As a result of lacking material purchasing plan and ineffective follow-up the material which should arrive earlier does not appear ,instead, other materials not in need arrive many days in advance. Therefore, producing process and lead time will be seriously affected.

* Producing process management is in no way normative. Procedures are mixed up and process steps which should be put into sequences are wrongly arranged. In this manner, a toy is produced, however, its music device still stays cool outside!

Lack of cost accounting, poor concept of normative management and shortage of records on spots. Do not know how to control the flow and overstock large quantity of semi-finished products.

Disharmonious cooperation between each department. Ambiguous job description. No plan for daily work .No goals to guide the actions. Operators lack sense of duty.

Of course, many other problems also exist. These problems show the current status of process management of many small and middle-sized enterprises–These enterprises waste lots of human and material resource, due to unclear, non normative and unscientific producing process they always run with high cost and low efficiency.
Although suppliers of B&F were selected strictly, some of above problems still can not be avoided. Relying on rich experience in managing factories and business entity, B&F aims towards helping the small and middle-sized enterprises to solve their problems.

B&F help the suppliers to:
> Diagnose and analyze the current manufacturing process;
> Rebuild a scientific manufacturing process so as to meet the requirements of their client and reach the standard of their industry.
> Help the managers to grasp optimized producing process and scientific method
    * How to design scientific producing process according to structure and feature of its products.
    * How to split every working step scientifically.
    * How to allocate the equipments according to the producing process.
    * How to organize a functional team scientifically and how to coordinate cooperation between departments.
    * How to develop the skills of managing out-contract production and product quality control.
    * How to normalize on-site operation ,to datumize and format the management.
B&F will provide the above “teach a man to fish” as a value-added service for our suppliers and purchasers.
> Purchasers can thus obtain the target products with or over anticipation on delivery time and products quality.
> Supplier can promote their overall management level ,improve their producing efficiency , decrease their production cost ,upgrade their products quality to adapt to the internationalization of production .



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