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  Integrated Logistics Services

With the continually  increasing in the type and quantity of multinational purchasing, more and more suppliers appear. At this time ,three kinds of problems would be seen:

> Goods from different suppliers were originally planed to be consolidated into one single container but one or some of the goods failed to appear on time, as a result ,all the other goods could not be shipped out in time but wait, in this case, capital recovery would severely affected.
> Goods from different suppliers need to be sorted , recombined, assembled, labeled as the requirements of different target markets and then, shipped out. However, this is difficult to be realized in customs clearance for general export.
> The inaccurate forecast of the target market caused overproduction so the suppliers need to pay more on storage and delay in settlement.

All these problems can be solved through B&F bonded warehouse in free trade zone and through our supporting capital.

> When Supplier delivers the goods to B&F bonded warehouse, B&F can accept as exportation completed and pay the supplier by foreign exchange so that they can finish verifying and writing-off export proceeds in foreign exchange to our government and get the tax-refund on time. In this manner, currency recovery can be much quicker.
> When Supplier exports their goods to free trade zone ,B&F will process logistic processing according to purchaser’s requirements then export to destination countries.
B&F provides our clients with well equipped bonded warehouse and stock management service, at the same time, we can pay the supplier by foreign exchange if required. 

Actually,by making good use of special functions of free trade zone not only can we provide suppliers at home with above solutions but also provide the same service to customers from other countries.

What’s more, the value of B&F bonded warehouse also shows in the following aspects:

> Design the stuffing sequence according to the de-stuffing sequence in target market,which can avoid rehandling during unloading and reduce the high cost of unloading fee in destination market.
> Realize the real-time data exchange with our purchaser and decrease the quantity of inventory in destination port so as to save the cost of storage.
> B&F will adjust the shipment and distribution plan according to the change of purchaser’s demand forecast. therefore, B&F could improve the ability of quick response against market demand and save robust logistics cost.



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