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  Outsourcing Mgm for Global Buyer

Advantages that purchasing in China brings–Your competitor won’t wait for you to China together!

    * A big cost- saving of finished products (At least 20%)
    * Abundant production bases
    * Cheap, diligent, and  stable-supplied labor, who are easy to accept novelties
    * Cheap materials and land resource
    * Stalbe political environment and financial policies
    * Mature and complete distribution of industry chains

Bottleneck of multinational purchasing in China

>50% data from the so called purchasing database is incorrect; 20% is behind the times , and the rest 30% needs to be investigated on the spot, which will take so much time that you may not be able to afford — where can we find qualified suppliers?
>Products produced by the same factory can hardly keep the quality steady –why big difference exists between two blocks of consignments?
>Delivery term and quality can not be guaranteed once the order becomes bigger. –The flexibility of capacity is so small?
>Communication problems caused by big differences in commercial ethic and languages–It means “yes” or “no” when Chinese CEO says “All right”?
Competitors have to use the same supplier ---why the products in our target market always look the same. Products made in China are all the same?
Big cost and communication problems in international logistics ---Why the factory always complains the bad service of carrier or forwarder ,the high price and the shortage of “space ”?
Factories are always lacking of current capital, and the producing capability leaves unused –Finally we find the qualified factory. Unexpectedly, the perfect equipment and workshop can not be used to mass production because of the lack of current capital!

Value of B&F’s outsourcing management for global sourcing
Based on the in-depth research and the long-term practice of global sourcing ,B&F is able to offer an integrated and individualized solution to multinationals according to their purchasing strategy, products ,plan, quantity and executive plan.
The one-stop management service provided by B & F will help the multinationals eliminate troubles in global sourcing by:

    * recommending, selecting and qualifying the suppliers
    * assistance of products development, grasping of products structure
    * mass purchasing of the materials for suppliers
    * Lean management of producing process
    * Quality ensuring and inspection
    * Warehousing and logistics processing(freight consolidation)service
    * Import/Export customs clearance
    * Export delivery
    * Foreign exchange settlement  & trade financing


You will be more competitive in the following aspects with B&F outsourcing service for global sourcing
>Many tiring but unavailing trips will be reduced, because B&F will recommend you suppliers pertinently 
>Business cost will be obviously decreased by realizing the control of target cost, because B&F will assist you in price negotiation.   
>Market advantages will be grasped more quickly, More market opportunities will be seized much faster because the product development will speed up with the assistance of B&F.   
>Quality and delivery term will be ensured, because B&F will help the supplier to achieve lean production.    
>Quick response to the market demands will be achieved, because B&F will provide seamless logistics service and competitive local price.     
>The payment for goods and tax refund to the supplier will speed up, and real time transaction will be realized, because of the bonded warehouse service B&F provides.   
>The capacity left unused will be optimized, because of the trade financing services offered by B&F to the suppliers.
>More time and energy will be saved than your competitors to concentrate on your core business, because, B&F do much for you!


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