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  Business Information Service

Know the enemy and know yourself, and then you can fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat.

The business investigation is the foundation for making operating strategies. The Internet search engines and public data released by the government are the main channels for enterprises. But the uncertainty of the Internet information and the ambiguity of public data cannot fully satisfy the demand of customers. It is more important to do technical and scientific analysis on the business information gathered and accordingly give forecast and directions on the later operation of the companies. But this professionalization is what the companies always lack in. 
B&F business investigation would solve the problem.
B&F has established a survey and consulting team consisted of professionals majored in financial management, international trade and commerce, marketing, International finance, statistics, foreign languages and etc. By collecting, sorting, analyzing the data and forecasting the market direction, B & F integrates all the data information from  industries, markets, companies, customers and etc to form Business Investigation Reports which helps customers correctly grasp the marketing trend and make strategies for operational management.
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