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  Inventory Outsourcing Mgm
Inventory has become a notable problem in supply chain management, reflected in the slow inventory turnover and complex logistics procedures .It is caused by lacking of effective inventory management.For example, material department is trying to enlarge stock in order to assure the production , however, If they are not informed of the adjustment of production planning in time, the total inventory will be out of control. Some material may be lying in the warehouse for a month or longer, while some special material may become a dead inventory due to of the suspended production.

Poor inventory management makes manufacturer inventories quite bloated and causes a lot of waste. In order to solve inventory problems, more and more manufacturing companies put their eyes on third-party logistics service providers.
“The third party logistics” (inventory outsourcing) is one form to realize VMI. VMI stands for Vendor Managed Inventory. General model is as follows: Supplier delivers the material to the place appointed by the manufacture managed by the third party logistics on behalf of manufacturer; Manufacturer sends delivery orders to third party logistics according to the manufacturing requirements; Third party logistics then distributes material to production line.
In the field of merchandise sales, with the sales and inventory information that VMI can provide, making solutions according to market demand forecast and warehouse supplement forecast becomes easy. What’s more, with the sales information we can also carry out suppliers’plan more effectively and respond to the market demand more rapidly.

Therefore, VMI can help to reduce inventory and cost of storage, accelerate the capital and inventory turnover rate, what’s more VMI can help to avoid goods return caused by warehouse glutting.

Although we can also implement VMI without the third party logistics, effect would be much better if we ask a neutral third party logistics to be the coordinator. Thus, both the supply and requisitioning parties can then release their individual inventory and avoid undertaking space charge and warehouse management charge. Furthermore, the specialized consulting and extensive marketing information supplied by the third party logistics can also help the enterprises gain more accurate demand information so that logistics activities between retailers and suppliers become more economical and efficient. Also, supply chain becomes more and more flexible and tuneable.

B&F provides our client with well-equipped warehouse and good inventory management service. We manage and control the inventory processing procedure strictly and control firmly every link and every key point. We manage and control each step of warehousing ,stocking , outputting scientifically and normatively.

Service content :
    * SKU management
    * Storage /load & unload
    * D
    * Barcode management 
    * System inventory management and analysis 
    * Designing warehouse processing procedure and management system for clients
    * Goods processing (Assembly, packing, splitting, scanning, labeling, disassembly )
    * Bonded warehouse storage management
    * RMA inventory management

B&F specialized storage service can help our clients:
    * C
lear-defined products inventory management 
    * R
educe inventory and avoid unnecessary waste
    * R
educe storage fee and control the cost accurately
    * O
ptimize warehouse processing procedure.
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